About The Freelance Conference


A conference and community committed entirely to the celebration and success of freelancers.

The Freelance Conference is an event created by freelancers, for freelancers. It was born in the spirit of those who leave or are desiring to leave a J-O-B with the dream of time-freedom, better income, and the ability to control their own careers and life. The conference combines that shared vision with the reality of what it takes to make the dream of self-employment come true; this is a set of skills that few of us come equipped with in full.

You do, however, step up to the challenge with bright eyes, hope and the energy to take on the world. You are equipped with determination and persistence. You wake each day with optimism and valor. You are not the norm and will not settle… because you know that what awaits you on the other side of the growth of your freelance business, is the life you deserve and were meant to have.

Going solo comes with real challenges. You end up working for what seems like a never ending days and weeks, stress mounts over cash flow, you miss working around other humans, and the realization that self-marketing takes up an anxiety-inducing amount of your time. So, how do you stop this cycle?

You connect with freelancers that have overcome these challenges.

You collaborate with freelancers to increase your bandwidth and opportunities.

You implement what you’ve learned from the successes and failures of freelancers.

The Freelance Conference was designed with you in mind.  Where three days of connection, collaboration and play collide in a dynamic environment where you can be surrounded by peers who totally get it, and who totally get you.

Your ticket to the Freelance Conference includes full access to your choice of workshops, an incredible lineup of speakers who will give you the tools to go out, implement and build your freelance business. Exclusive post-event online access to all recorded sessions.

But it doesn’t end there…

We realize that there is a need for ongoing conversations, collaboration and community beyond The Freelance Conference.  A place where you could go to daily, at anytime and know that you are in a space filled with like-minded individuals just like you. Because we seek answers throughout our days that may go unanswered. We crave collaboration. For some, collaboration is the perfect spark they need to complete that unfinished article, design or marketing plan…simply put, to get “UnStuck”.  

Which is why we created The Freelance Playground.

Your Freelance Conference Ticket will give you VIP access to our Freelance Playground community where you will be able to continue conversations, collaborate, learn, grow and celebrate your successes year round. (Launching 2017)