Are Freelancers Your Target Market?

Be a Sponsor!

Then you need to be seen at this event – it’s that simple!

You won’t find the standard “levels” of sponsorship here. Instead, you’ll discover an opportunity to be a part of the experience that helps you create a real connection between your business and the attendees, with multiple chances to meet, greet, build relationships and have fun.

In this, our third year, we are planning for 400+ attendees at a live event in Austin, Texas. We have chosen an energetic and fun space, creating an environment where the attendees will connect, collaborate and up their game!

You will be a big piece of the action.


Sponsorship Program in a nutshell. 

Decide how interactive you want to be, show our audience more of you than a logo.

The premise of sponsoring The Freelance Conference is to build relationships with you, not just see your logo. You aren't relegated to fit inside of a sponsorship box, you will work with our Experience Architect to design a custom part of the event that only has your name on it! Reach out and let's create a program that will knock their socks off.

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Design Your Experience.

Now that you are on board it is time to create your custom attendee experience! Don't worry you aren't alone in this process, we will brainstorm along side your team to create fun and interactive events for our attendees to connect with you and walk away talking about your company.

Come create your presence.

The Freelance Conference space will be open on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 from 10:00pm – 4:00pm for you to set up for the event. The event space will open at 9am on Thursday, February 16th for final tweaks and allow sponsors to setup or tweak their presence as well. All packages are custom because each and every sponsor becomes a part of the attendee experience. In other words, know what your KPIs are, but don’t even try to pay unless you’re ready to play. BONUS: One sponsor, based on participation and regardless of level, will be selected by the attendees as our #FREECON17 Sponsor of the Year!