Introverts, stop selling like an extrovert

08 Sep 2017
5:00 pm
Main Conference Room

Introverts, stop selling like an extrovert

You’re an introvert and you dread (even hate) selling because it’s uncomfortable and feels unnatural. Deep down you know your business suffers because you just can’t seem to sell like the best. You might even be repelling clients and projects…

First piece of advice: Stop trying to sell like an extrovert!

Luis believes introverts are waaaay better and natural at selling than what they give themselves credit for. He has sold multiple $40,000+ projects without having to sacrifice his introversion or magically become an extrovert.

He knows you can do the same.

Learn how to leverage introverted habits and tendencies to attract better clients and sell projects at higher prices.

You’ll never see selling the same way.