Alex Cequea

His Superpower: social good

Alex Cequea

His Superpower: social good

Austin, TX


Meet Alex.

I’m a Digital Content Marketer, motion graphics animator, and regular contributor to the Huffington Post. I’ve been quoted or featured in Fast Company, Univision, the Houston Chronicle, ABC News, CNN, TEDx Houston, and I create original content that regularly makes it to the front page of Reddit and IMGUR, and I produce a popular animated series called Social Good Now, that I’ve grown to over 2 million views in the last 6 months with no marketing budget.

Here are some previous marketing/PR projects and highlights:

Dress Like Steve Jobs Day: In 2011 I manufactured a holiday to promote iPhone Life magazine. The project got national coverage on CNN, TIME, NBC News, and many affiliate news stations.

Social Good Now: In 2015 I created an animated web series highlighting social issues, and grew it from 0 to 200k+ average organic viewers per episode in 6 months without a marketing budget.

High Five Around the World: In 2014 I created fun video about my trip around the world, which briefly made it to the front page of a popular section on Reddit. As a result, I got invited to present at TEDx Houston 2015.

Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon:
In order to promote a public speaking site I was running in 2013, I decided to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon (36 hours!) and livestream the entire event online. The event was featured in the Houston Chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle, Univision, and a local affiliate of ABC News.


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