Alicia White

Her Superpower: building public speakers

Alicia White

Her Superpower: building public speakers

Wylie, TX


Meet Alicia.

There is a common misconception that public speaking is a donation of time to help a group out. Alicia has proven time and time again that does not have to be the case when you know how the system works – for you!

More about Alicia.

Alicia White, Speaker and International Best Selling Author, is a valuable resource for speakers, coaches, consultants and business owners. As founder of Back of the Room Productions™ and, she develops powerful products that make a high-quality, lasting impression. Alicia delivers consistent branding and professional graphic design to clients nationwide. She also provides strategies on lead and revenue generation, product creation and business development leaving clients with a real direction on the next steps.

Clients often say that Alicia gives “the know, like, trust factor” through using her brilliant graphic design talents, ensuring the client’s branding is congruent with their purpose. People trust Alicia to take direction on projects because they know they will walk away with top-notch marketing tools and information products that effectively deliver their message to their target audience.

Alicia is Partnering Director of the Public Speakers Association and Toastmasters International officer. She is an award recipient of the Texas Press Association and Texas Intercollegiate Press Association and two-time award nominee for the Public Speakers Association National Collaborator of the Year. Other award nominations include Today’s Innovative Woman New Leader and Be The Boss Top 50 Connectors.

Appealing to audiences across the world, Alicia speaks on branding, public speaking, and marketing products via stage, podcasts, Blab and web TV. She is an international best selling author of the book compilation “Share Your Message with the World” and co-author of an best selling book “25 Brilliant Business Mentors: Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success!”

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