Amy Segreti

Her Superpower: work/life harmony

Amy Segreti

Her Superpower: work/life harmony

Boulder, CO


Meet Amy.

Sometimes meeting one amazing human leads to another, that is how we met Amy. There is a lot of talk about work/life balance as if it is an achievable destination, Amy took on this challenge and found the secret is in the journey itself. Her very presence is calming, and her lesson for us will redefine the way we look at our lives, our work and this adventure.

More about Amy.

Amy Segreti is a recovering editor-in-chief turned writer, self-inquirer, traveler, dancer and manifestress. She is the creator of the Revive & Strategize Weekend™, an immersive experience of play, purpose and magic that guides people to uplevel, transcend and re-align in their daily lives.

Fluent in Spanish, wine and AP style, she has written/edited for The Globe, New Worker, Elephant Journal, The Baltimore Sun, InMadrid, Maryland Life, The Daily Camera, Yellow Scene, and The Washingtonian, among many others.

She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Twine Magazine, a longform narrative journalism publication focused on intertwining play and purpose in our lives through three lenses: place (travel, community), palate (food, nourishment) and pleasure (connection, health).

She writes regularly for The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog, and edits fiction and non-fiction books/projects worldwide.

While Amy is often crafting multiple exciting projects at once, her work always revolves around enhancing and beautifying communication, connection and self-expression. She tries to live each day with joyful discipline and intentional indulgence.

Amy deeply believes that you deserve to live your fullest expression—because no one else can. She helps people get from just living to inspired living at Live All of You.

She travels regularly, spends 1/3 of her time in NYC, and works in coworking spaces and cafés worldwide. Her home/soul base is Boulder.

Amy’s offerings include high-level editing, holistic productivity guides, somatic movement, personal development, and other things that foster greater connectedness with ourselves and the world.

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