Kimberly Culbertson

Her Superpower: building freelance teams

Kimberly Culbertson

Her Superpower: building freelance teams

Austin, TX


Meet Kimberly.

A day rarely goes by that I don’t here a fellow freelancer working through the maze of expanding their team to open up more time to close more deals, to grow their company. Kimberly showed us that there is an easier way to build a team, to focus on strengths and understand what they actually mean to your company. Building a team on skills alone does not insure success, how everyone works together is critical. Kimberly will teach you how to build your team with a new perspective and with greater success.

As a freelancer, you’ve exited the office politics and forced friendships of the corporate world, so you may be thinking you can Lone Wolf your expertise all the way to the bank. While that is occasionally true, it’s generally not true for long.

Your longevity and sustainability as a freelancer are directly related to your ability to collaborate effectively and intelligently. Why does it matter? Because unlike in the office job scenario, your coworkers don’t ever have to work with you again. If their experience isn’t good, they’ll move on. Any freelancer who makes it past their first year knows that referrals are the holy grail of sustainability, and that clients have to love more than just the results of your work. The last thing we want is someone telling a colleague, “Their work was pretty good, but actually working with them was a nightmare.” The truth is, no matter how good you are at the task, people almost always recommend people they enjoy working with.

Working alone also costs you the perspective that you gain from collaboration. When we invest in working well with others, we can gain insight, access collective intelligence, and account for our blind spots. By operating from your strengths and leaning into the strengths of others, you can creating an environment where every person does their best work and walks away feeling confident and valued.

In this workshop, I’ll share key principals for effective collaboration, including:

  • How to create a culture of value while collaborating
  • How (and why) not to be an insufferable credit hog
  • How to access collective intelligence during your project
  • How using a tool like StrengthsFinder can help maximize talent and minimize conflict during a collaborative project

*Every participant will also receive a free 20-minute call with Kimberly to discuss their StrengthsFinder Profile.

More about Kimberly.

Speaker and coach Kimberly Culbertson recasts the story of identity, leadership, and community. She helps clients to lead authentically, operate from their strengths, and maximize their collaboration in order to reach beyond the good to the extraordinary. Using tools like StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, and Enneagram, she is able to help her clients curate culture and relationships that express value, lean into diversity, and harness collective intelligence.

Kimberly is the founder and CEO of Creation Curve Leadership, which exists to move leaders beyond typical management duties and band-aid-style quick fixes and to bring human values back into leadership. Kimberly also cohosts a podcast by the same name. Previous adventures include teaching English in inner-city Chicago, founding a publishing company, and designing group life strategy and leadership development for various churches and nonprofits. She even made a career of throwing parties and creating community at her apartment complex for a couple of years.

Kimberly is wife to Ben, mommy to Jack, and family-by-choice to Christa, Zekie, and Elli. She is a recovering approval addict, a paintbrush-loving workaholic, and a walking billboard for hope in all its many manifestations. She is not afraid to admit that latte art lifts her spirits, and she gets a little melancholy when she doesn’t make it into a coffee shop for a few days.

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