Luis Vazquez

His Superpower: sales

Luis Vazquez

His Superpower: sales

Milwaukee, WI


Meet Luis.

Luis reached out after hearing about the conference to find out more, he loved the fact someone was finally focusing on the business of being a freelancer. Why you ask?

He is a freelancer that has learned the hard way that having to sell yourself, a product or a service as an introvert sucks! So he figured out a process that works – every time.

Remember when we said your peers learn crazy awesome lessons? Luis is one of those guys, his superpower now is sales – even as an introvert. He’s coming out to teach how to incorporate a sales process, talk to potential clients and close the deal!

More about Luis.

Luis can spin on his head. You’ll usually see him with a beanie and sneakers, which means he’s always ready to put on a show… or battle. As a retired professional breakdancer, he now pays his bills by writing code and giving advice to large enterprise companies.

When Luis isn’t breakdancing or paying bills, you’ll find him at a coffee shop writing his newsletter for introverted Creative Hustlers or working on KiwiJar, a website that helps people discover museums. Who knew head-spinning caused so much thinking?

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