Shawn Hesketh

His Superpower: increasing income

Shawn Hesketh

His Superpower: increasing income

Houston, TX


Meet Shawn.

Shawn and Emily go back a few years, and it’s a funny story. Before Emily transitioned in to building a conference she was building an online training program for SEO and was intrigued with what Shawn had done in building, so she reached out via email. No response. She reached out again, Shawn was now intrigued with her effort and responded with a general interest email. She just kept reaching out, Shawn was now kinda blown away with her tenacity and equally wanted to meet this person on the other side of these emails. They laugh about it now and have created a friendship, but more importantly Emily still has a huge respect for the way Shawn transitioned from being an hourly freelancer to adding products to increase and stabilize his income.

Thanks to that exchange of emails, a three hour meeting at a Starbucks in Houston five years ago we now get to learn how any one of us can add products and move away from a stale business model.

More about Shawn.

Shawn is the creator of, one of the most popular WordPress tutorial sites in the world. For more than 26 years, Shawn enjoyed a rewarding career as a freelance designer creating logos, print materials, websites, and marketing strategies for hundreds of notable clients in and around the Greater Houston area.

In 2008, he created WordPress 101, which has become one of the most popular WordPress tutorial sites in the world. Since then, his video tutorials have helped more than 500,000 beginners learn how to use WordPress to build their own website or blog. Today, Shawn spends most of his time consulting and developing new learning resources for WP101 members, helping them define and accomplish their online goals.

He has also created custom learning videos for notable clients like GoDaddy, Media Temple, WooThemes, and Yoast. Shawn is an avid fan of F1 and IndyCar racing, and competed in sports car races at the local club level for many years. He enjoys traveling with his wife and their three kids, often staying in other cities for weeks at a time. As one of the founders of “CigarCamp,” it should come as no surprise that Shawn also enjoys a nice cigar with a glass of Scotch.


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