"The Freelance Conference was very well organized. Every presenter offered extremely valuable insights on a different important topic in a very personal way. I enjoyed meeting some great people, too!"
"Thanks for putting this together. I learned a lot and met some amazing people. A great experience!"
"Definitely a great conference to connect and learn a ton about freelancing!"
"I am glad I got to attend the first (of many for years to come I’m sure) Freelance Conference Event. Thank you for putting it together."
"I left the conference so motivated and excited about the launch of my freelance business knowing that I learned some things and made some contacts that would be great people to connect w both professionally and socially!"
"An exceptionally motivating and inspiring experience. It included a smorgasbord of info and all of it extremely useful. Kudos to the team!"
"I had such a great time at the Freelance Conference.  There were a ton of great people there to learn from and the speakers were awesome.  I learned so much and can’t wait to implement it in my business."
"It was so great to find a conference made up of my true peers; people who know what I go thru on a daily basis as a freelancer. Knowing that we were peers and not necessarily potential leads/sales, it was much a more relaxed atmosphere and I didn’t feel pressured to talk to every single person attending so I could sell myself. The interactive panels were insightful, immediately useful, and oftentimes funny. I met really great people who I can now refer work to, meet for coffee, or just bounce ideas off of. Loved this event!"