Helping freelance business owners simplify operations,
multiply their client pool and amplify their income!

October 27-29, 2019 // Austin, TX



What is #FREECON?

Online Community

#FREECON is more than a conference that happens once a year. It’s a thriving, supportive and collaborative community!

Stay tuned because very soon, we’re launching Freelance Revolution! An online community that’s active year round to get connected with other freelancers, share tips and resources and — of course — network to land more high quality clients!

In-Person Events

Build lasting connections IRL at our live events, including the annual Freelance Conference, Freelance Business Week in select cities and specialty events. These are great opportunities to meet face-to-face with like-minded people who “get” you because — guess what — they’ve been there too!


Learn how to simplify your freelance business with tools, resources and automation techniques that give you more time to do what you love, increase your profit margins and level out your income stream through monthly #FREECON blog posts and announcements.

Our Mission

#FREECON was born in the spirit of those who leave — or are dying to leave — their dreaded J-O-B. 

If you’re allergic to fluorescent lighting, cubicles and time clocks…

If you toss and turn at night dreaming of (or thanking your lucky stars for) the ability to control our own career, schedule, and life… 

You’ve come to the right place.

What to Expect from #FREECON.


Every traditional J-O-B has bosses, mentors, peers, and colleagues to learn from and grow with…

As freelancers, we have escaped the bosses but we are still human — we still need mentorship, collaboration, and comradery.

Every major industry hosts conferences and professional development events that catapult people to the next level through networking and learning cutting edge best practices…

Don’t you deserve the same opportunity?

The only one of its kind, The Freelance Conference is designed specifically for freelance business owners by freelance business owners. 

We’ll spend multiple days together in an exciting location, where you’ll learn all the skills and strategies you need to run a successful single-owner business with a steady stream of income from clients you love.

In addition to the hands-on workshops and business building resources, at #FREECON you’ll also develop lasting connections with an incredible community of like-minded peers, industry leaders, and experts.

We will support each other, sharing our stories and resources, making us stronger together than we are on our own — a freelance force of nature! 

And — of course — we’ll celebrate each other’s successes, triumphs, and breakthroughs all along the way


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