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Freelancers Gather

Freelance business growth is nearly doubling year-on-year!

It is estimated more than half of the US workforce will be freelance by 2027 … are you ready?

The Freelance Conference was born in the spirit of those who dream of creating an amazing life, embracing their purpose and loving the work they do.

Since 2014 we’ve been creating a space for solo-business owners to grow, discover resources to earn more money in less time and meet new peers to connect with.

APRIL 18-21, 2022



If you’re allergic to fluorescent lighting, cubicles, and time clocks… you toss and turn at night dreaming of (or thanking your lucky stars for) the ability to control your own career, schedule, and life…

You are in the right place!

Wondering What #FREECON is Like?

Checkout this recap video from the last time we were together in person

#FREECON2021 is Powered by MBO Partners!

The platform designed for the independent professional workforce.
There’s a revolutionary shift in the workforce where talented individuals are choosing to work independently to gain more freedom to do the work they love. Our platform enables 70,000+ registered independent professionals to start, run and grow their businesses.

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There's A Lot Coming In 2022!

There's A Lot Coming In 2022!

Seriously a lot! I'd love to keep you in the loop, we're currently planning our 2022 events and about to start a complete revamp of our website to incorporate a new holiday "National Freelance Business Week", the corresponding week-long event, 2 separate webinar series and the in-person conference in September.

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