#FREECON Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi brings a breath of fresh sea air to #FREECON as the first city outside of Austin to host a Freelance Conference. The organization team in Corpus Christi will be showing the world not to underestimate the freelance business owners in smaller cities.

With two days of back-to-back sessions, full of content from local and out-of-town speakers putting on workshops, campfire style chats and interactive talks on topics ranging from freelance business hacks to healthcare benefit options to marketing automation.

In honor of our inaugural year, the tickets are free …
but you have to have one!


Special Events at #FREECON Corpus Christi

#FREECON Corpus Christi will have three special events in their lineup in addition to a series of talks, panel discussion and campfire chat sessions.

Ignite Freelance on November 1, is an incredibly fun, fast-paced set of lightening talks all curated to inspire, teach and make you laugh. Come out and enjoy an evening with your peers.

#TechDay on November 2, an entire day packed with workshops and open office hours from companies providing technology solutions for freelance business owners.

#FREECON Crawl starting at 4pm on November 2nd and going as long you like. We will start at the Exchange with our first session and set of games and then proceed through multiple locations networking and building relationships that will help our businesses grow.

Behind The Scenes

Every #FREECON has a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure the overall event meets the needs and vibe of our local community. The Corpus Christi team is no exception, the team is made up of coworking space owners, an event planner and local freelance business owners that are passionate about supporting their peers. A HUGE thanks goes out to Liza Wizner and Lauren Lavender for creating a Freelance Conference Corpus Christi business owners will love.

Session Time
Event Session
Nov 1 // 9:30am
Registration Opens
House of Rock
Nov 1 // 10:15am
Morning Yoga
House of Rock
Nov 1 // 11:00am
Welcome Opening Keynote // Emily Leach
House of Rock
Nov 1 // 11:30am
Freelance Business Day Proclamation, by Mayor Joe McComb
House of Rock
Nov 1 // 12:00pm
Keynote // Hollie Heikkinen + Campfire Chat (lunch provided)
House of Rock
Nov 1 // 2:00pm
Casey Lain
House of Rock
Nov 1 // 3:00pm
Nikki Riojas
House of Rock
Nov 1 // 4:00pm
Happy Hour
Rockit’s Whiskey Bar & Saloon
Nov 1 // 5:00pm
Ignite Freelance
Rockit’s Whiskey Bar & Saloon
Nov 2 // 1:30pm
#FREECON Crawl // Monica Sawyer
House of Rock
Nov 2 // 2:30pm
#FREECON Crawl // Aislynn Campbell
The Gold Fish
Nov 2 // 3:30pm
#FREECON Crawl // Kirby Tello
Nov 2 // 4:30pm
#FREECON Crawl // Carlos Israel Villarreal
Rockit’s Whiskey Bar & Saloon
Nov 2 // 5:30pm
#FREECON Crawl // Jonathan Swindle

Keynote Speakers

Emily Leach

Founder, Keynote Speaker

Hollie Heikkinen

Keynote Speaker

Session Speakers

Ignite Speakers

Christie Irps

Ignite Speaker

Jacob McClain

Ignite Speaker

Lauren Lavender

Organizer, Ignite Speaker

Liza Wisner

Organizer, Ignite Speaker

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