The Freelance Conference // #FREECON

The ONLY Freelance Conference, also known as #FREECON, happens once a year … 2019 will be our fifth year AND the year we launch #FREECONlocal events in cities across the country.

What’s the difference between #FREECON and #FREECONlocal?

#FREECONlocal events are an opportunity to connect with and learn from your local peers, all of the content is curated and offered in various locations across the city hosting the event.

#FREECON maintains a more conference-style format, with an entire day dedicated to learning from the best in the freelance industry through keynote talks, panel discussions and opportunities for more intimate gatherings. Each year the conference is unique, year five promises to keep that spirit alive.

We are currently curating our keynote speakers and working with our local teams to get dates announced right after the new year.

Stay tuned!