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How to squash scope creep

It’s important to remember that most clients don’t intentionally try to scam more work or more hours. Many clients have something come up they genuinely didn’t foresee and decide to add it in during the project.

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Five tips for a high-converting freelance portfolio

If your portfolio is outdated, in disrepair, “under construction,” or completely non-existent, it’s time to fix it.  And even if you have a decent portfolio, there’s still a lot you can get out of today’s post, by ensuring your site is optimized for conversions (turning site visitors into paying clients).

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How to Gain New and Recurring Revenues

Provide Custom-Designed Digital Business Cards To Your Clients   Being a freelancer means many things:  The freedom to take on jobs as you see fit; work when and where you like; choose the clients you want to work with; ride the roller coaster of feast or famine...

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