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Where our team and external contributing writers pool our freelancing experience as well as document conference and industry updates. 

Making Taxes Painless with Painless1099

Finding work, managing client expectations, and then finding the time to actually do the work that you got hired for – you’re no stranger to the laundry list of responsibilities that come with being a freelancer. You may even be privy to the changes in financial...

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Looking Back on #FREECON 2017

#FREECON17 was by far the most interactive and engaging event to date ... but the best surprise for us was the amount of people we met that came in from other states and countries! Yep, 60% of attendees for 2017 came to Austin from across the country as well as...

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Building Your Tribe

Host Josh Hoffman talks with Emily Leach, who founded the Texas Freelance Association in 2015 as the first statewide association of freelance workers in the USA. The inspiration for that project came out of the launch of The Freelance Conference in 2014, which is now...

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Goodwork Coworking Space Tour 5-2017

Goodwork Coworking is located at 1808 S Good Latimer Expy, Dallas, TX 75226 http://goodwork.co/ GoodWork offers you flexible coworking space designed for balance and growth as you navigate days that require both focus and inspiration.  Our workspace is diverse as our...

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