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Building Unbreakable Client Relationships: An Expert Roundtable Discussion

Presented by Candy Phelps

Do you know what your client’s cat’s name is? No?

Well, that’s actually a real business problem. Building rapport with clients is an important skill that takes time and energy to develop. Research shows that real-time meetings help established trust, which results in increased project buy-in and repeat customers. Learn how working in real-time will help you deepen your client relationships, reduce miscommunication, and improve productivity. Plus, find out the name of their cat!

Roundtable Discussion led by Candy Phelps


Candy Phelps is the founder of Bizzy Bizzy, a U.S.-based web design agency, and creator of the 1 Day® Website. She is an entrepreneur to the core, and loves helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Candy is a speaker, educator and author of “Grow Your SEO: Search Engine Concepts Even Your Grandma Could Understand” and “1 Day Website: Revolutionize Your Web Design Business.” Candy is a gold mine of knowledge and experience. She learned everything the hard way while running an agency for 12+ years. And she loves sharing that wisdom and all the tools she has developed through her network of certified 1 Day professional at