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Mastering Productivity as a Freelancer: An Expert Roundtable Discussion

Presented by Michelle Forsyth

Discover how to master time management and productivity even with outside factors like clients trying to take every ounce of energy and morsel of time you have to give. Learn the art of completing even the most challenging projects with maximum efficiency, whether setting your own hours or someone else sets those timeframes. Be the master of your own fate by honing a few simple strategies of controlling your schedule (even when you don’t control your schedule,) maximize your effectiveness, and managing your own mental and physical well-being while juggling all these demands on your time.


Michelle Forsyth is a best-selling author and productivity coach for female-identifying entrepreneurs. During her time in corporate, she was always the go-to person to get things done and done on time. She took the leap into full-time freelance in 2016 and realized there are more productive and efficient ways to get things done rather than “the way we’ve always done it.” Never feel like you have enough time? Do you ever forget to eat? At the end of the week, you can’t remember what you’ve done? Working with Michelle, she’ll teach you how to track your time, prioritize your day-to-day tasks and accomplish your goals. She works with her clients to earn back time in their day and finish their projects, whether they are writing their authority book, creating a course, or simply managing their business without feeling overwhelmed. Her focus is your accountability, organization and top priorities, so you feel confident in your schedule, your work and your life. Her methods include resources and activities from her upcoming book: “Step, Step, Pick” How to Use the Power of Momentum to Tackle Tasks, Finish Projects & Fulfill Your Dreams, created from the lessons Michelle learned through her battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She realized that these lessons could not only be useful for those with chronic illness, but for anyone feeling overwhelmed with tasks, projects, or ideas.